Zoom! Whitening

Implants include a titanium post which is surgically placed in the jaw bone.  This post then supports an artificial tooth or a cap. Implants replace extracted teeth. 

We offer dental bridging which is a fixed prosthesis bonded to existing teeth adjacent to a toothless area.  The surrounding teeth support the false teeth that replace missing or extracted teeth.


Invisible Appliance Teeth Straightening


We are equipped and certified with a dental laser which can be used for a variety of soft-tissue gum modifications, removal of apthous ulcers or removal of oral fibromas.  We use the Sapphire  Diode Laser.

Jaw Joint Disorder often times cause difficulty in opening one's mouth or in chewing. Symptoms can be headaches, popping or clicking of the jaw joints or grinding one's teeth.  We help manage these symptoms with treatment plans.  


Cleanings are important to remove deposits and debris from the teeth which promote the proliferation of harmful bacteria, toxins and irritants


We use mercury free tooth colored material to replace decayed tooth structure



Root Canals

We offer the Essix System for straightening mild to moderate crowding of teeth. Treatment consists of a series of clear plastic retainers that are worn in sequence until the teeth are in place.



Soft Tissue/Periodontal

Laser Surgery

Zoom! is a tooth whitening system that whitens teeth to at least their original, pristine appearance. The system we commonly use is Phillips Zoom Whitening.

We are able to place a dental cap, which is a prosthesis otherwise known as a crown, that fits or covers the entire top of the tooth to protect and fortify a weak tooth.

We are able to remove teeth or teeth fragments in their entirety.


In order to save an abscessed/infected tooth from extraction, the nerve is removed and the inside chamber and canals of the tooth's roots are cleansed, reshaped and filled.    

We provide dentures which are removable prosthesis that replaces missing teeth